FIFA 21 vs. FIFA 20: Which is better?

FIFA 21 vs. FIFA 20: Which is better?

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FIFA 21 is the debut of EA Sports, which brings many features relative to its father, FIFA 20.

Between the Main changes, FIFA 21 introduces major improvements in gameplay, updates to the menus and the most popular modes, such as Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

Both games are available both in physical format and in streaming for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Also, some time later FIFA 21 will come for the Xbox S / X series and the PlayStation 5 series (PS5).

Next, we point out some differences between both titles.

Changes in FIFA 21

EA took it upon themselves to resolve numerous features that many fans criticized from the previous franchise, such as difficulties in scoring airballs, bringing more realism to matches. Other relevant changes were on ball control and dribbling, which can be done in a more controlled way.

As is normal, in each version, FIFA changes certain aspects of the score. As a result, ball games are more practical and the user has more power in defensive organization, but this has also increased the difficulty in face-to-face confrontation.

In FIFA 20, the focus of the second scorer was automatic, while in FIFA 21 this situation must be controlled manually by the user and in many plays.


The graphics in the FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 images are almost nil. Few visual improvements have been made and EA Sports has only updated the graphics from the latest version.

The highlight is the practical details of the players, which begin to coincide with the theme of the latest generation of consoles. Despite having updated various faces, as the franchise does every year, some FIFA 21 players have seen their appearance criticized by fans of the franchise, such as Messi.

However, FIFA 21 is adding improvements to the stadiums with modern interior details and lighting. When it comes to fans, little has changed, and fans are still bland and predictable, and less detailed than the other facets of the game.

FIFA modes

FIFA 20 has launched new ways to play friendly matches, with more goal area, rules and alternative results. In addition, the game added the Volta mode, reminiscent of the old FIFA Street, but with a gameplay closer to the standard football simulator.

The Volta mode was also responsible for providing a historical mode.

On the other hand, in FIFA 21, all these changes return. The Volta mode has again a campaign in which the user can create their own player and participate in tournaments around the world.

The latest game introduces new features in Career mode, which now features an immersive match simulator, a system that will allow players to adjust the direction of matches and play only at crucial moments, as well as the latest transfer and evolution mechanics. of the players.

Both parties have the classic FIFA modessuch as quick play, cup mode, online cooperation, and final team, which will be detailed in the next topic.

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