The 8 best actions to benefit from future crises: Stock market, investments, etc.

The 8 best actions to benefit from future crises: Stock market, investments, etc.

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As a result of various circumstances, a general destabilization has been generated worldwide, be it social, political, but, most importantly, economic. That is why it is necessary to always take into account a selection of actions that behave positively in times of crisis, which are composed of those values ​​that recover very soon from the falls and that are interesting to have in the portfolio, for this reason we offer you a series of alternatives that can benefit you during these difficult times.

TATA Motors company, symbol on the US stock market: TTM

Its current president is N. Chandrasekaran. Its foundation was in 1945 and it is about the largest car manufacturing company in India. This is dedicated to both the commercial and tourism sectors, it is a large, very powerful company, with many workers and well established production lines, and in the different falls it has presented it has shown to behave quite well. An example is in 2009 that it fell to 3EU, losing approximately 84% of its value, to later recover in April of the following year, with an increase of $ 19, which corresponds to an increase of more than 540%, certainly quite high earnings.

3M company, symbol on the US stock market: MMM

Its director is Inge Thulin and this is a company that has been founded for more than 100 years, specifically in 1902 and its industry is focused on chemicals and miscellaneous. This is a company with quite high production indices and therefore generates a lot of value, and like the previous one, it knows how to handle the crisis situation very well, for example, in 2009 it also fell to $ 40, which which represents 56% of the profits, but for April 2010 it recovered, rising to $ 90, which in percentage terms exceeded 120%. 3M is a first-rate company, and it is interesting to take it into account when investing.

Coca-Cola Company, symbol on the US Stock Exchange: KO

Its current president is James Quincey and this industrial company was founded in 1886, having this, like the previous one, more than 100 years, where its industry is obviously located inclined in beverage production, worldwide is known and popular. For the year 2009, this company went through a crisis in terms of its price, falling $ 18 per share, causing a fall of more than 36%, but a few months after that same year, it recovered, reaching $ 29 per share , which represents more than 60%. The Coca-Cola company has a large production line, since it is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide, therefore it is a very important option to consider when investing.

APPLE Company, symbol on the US Stock Exchange: AAPL

Its current manager is Tim Cook and it was founded in 1976. It is an industry inclined in the electronics area. Apple is dedicated to creation of Smartphone devices, software, among others. For the crisis of 2009, Apple was affected in a decline of $ 11 per share, which represents 56%, but 8 months later it had a rise of $ 25 per share, representing $ 130 of earnings. In the future, Apple shares at an interesting level, this being a little crazy option to consider to obtain a package of shares to the portfolio.

AMAZON company, symbol on the US stock exchange: AMZN

It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and its retail industry is focused on being the world's # 1 sales portal to retailers. Amazon is an industry that has survived a very important crisis that affected its sector, which was the crisis of 2008 where its shares fell $ 38, this being 62%, and like Apple, in 8 months it recovered, having a revaluation at its price of $ 93, percentage being 173%. Amazon is a very important company, where if it is considered to acquire a share package, it could possibly be inherited by descendants in the family.

Toronto Dominion Bank, symbol on the US stock exchange: TD

Its current director is Bharat Masrani, it is a bank founded in 1955 and as its name suggests, is a Canadian bank, dedicated to financial services. This is a Canadian bank but it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The finances of this bank have shown to behave very well during the onset of crisis, an example of this serious in 2009 where its shares fell $ 12, which represents 50% in losses, but 6 months later, it had an increase in when at its price at $ 31 per share, this being 140% in earnings. The 2009 crisis was an important one since it mainly affected the banking sector, where we speak of a recovery in a very short time and with quite high profits, in addition to having a fairly solid board of directors, a bank with a very good reputation. For this reason and many more it is convenient to incorporate these actions when investing.

WASTE MANAGEMENT company, symbol on the US stock exchange: WM

This company is managed by James C. Fish, founded in 1971 and is dedicated to waste management. Obviously waste management, whether there is a crisis or not, is a sector that practically does not suffer such a great decline. In the crisis of 2009, it went down to $ 22 per title, which is equivalent to 33% and then, 8 months later, it reached $ 33 per title, which is equivalent to an increase of more than 50%. As already mentioned, waste management is a defensive sector, whether we are in crisis or not, because garbage is still being generated and that waste must be treated correctly, therefore, the titles of this company become a good option.

P&G company, symbol on the US stock market: PG

Currently this industry is directed by David S. Taylor and was founded in 1837, almost 200 years ago. This company is dedicated to producing consumer goods, and it is one of the most popular and consumed worldwide. The titles of this company also behave very well in times of crisis, where specifically in the 2009 crisis, the price per title fell $ 44, representing this by 29%, but months later it recovered, having an increase in its value of $ 63, equivalent to a 42% profit.

This is a very defensive value and because they are consumer goods, whether there is a crisis or not, people continue to buy the products, both at a private level and at an industrial level.

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