They recreate the face of a medieval priest in the United Kingdom

They recreate the face of a medieval priest in the United Kingdom

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Experts virtually reconstructed the face of a medieval priest who died 900 years ago.

His rests, along with a tin chalice and a plate in use at the time, were found at a clergy burial site at Lincoln Cathedral in the UK, the cathedral's website reported.

The excavation was carried out by the company Allen Archaeolgy, whose measurements and photographs allowed forensic artist Hew Morrison to recreate the priest's face.

The studies, based on the individual characteristics of the skull, as well as the asymmetrical chin or the eyes slightly close together, showed that it was a man of 1.69 meters in height, who had not suffered serious diseases, and who had died at an age of between 35 and 45 years.

Furthermore, they were able to determine that the priest had eaten well and had a healthy lifestyle.

But nevertheless, the colors of his eyes and hair were not reconstructed due to the inability to do a DNA analysis.

The studies showed that facial reconstruction technologies make it possible to make an image so real that it could be recognized by those close to the priest.

«These finds are truly captivating, and the historical insights we receive are testament to the rich religious history of the place."Said John Patrick, Lincoln's deputy dean.

In addition to the remains of the priest, other objects were found that in the future will be exhibited in the new visitor center of Lincoln Cathedral, which will be completed in 2022.

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