Ancient Makara statue found in Cambodia

Ancient Makara statue found in Cambodia

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Archaeologists from Siem Reap (Cambodia) are investigating a large statue representing a Makara (sea monster from Hindu mythology) carved into rock, found in Phnom Kulen National Park, in Svay, province of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The director of the Department, Sun Kong, explained this week that the statue was found by a local resident last Saturday, being inspected by the authorities on Sunday.

Added that the statue is made of sandstone, dated in 6th century, and that it was found broken into several pieces, being 13 belonging to the body near the site.

Kong added that “This statue representing a Makara is something that we had not seen before. It is approximately 2.14 meters long by almost one meter high ».

Furthermore, he explained that «We have not yet moved the body parts found or excavated around it, but we have ordered the park rangers to protect themselves so that the officials of the relevant ministries and institutions study in detail at the site, both the piece and the history of the place”.

Experts have not found the base of any temple at the site, so it is believed to have been carved out of the rock.

Long Kosal, a spokesman for the Apsara Authority, explained that archaeologists have already visited the site and will carry out further studies to add it to the records.

He explained that “the Kulen National Park area is rich in ancient objects, both above and below ground”.

Siem Reap is where the magnificent Angkor Wat complex, the religious center of the region's imposing Khmer empire.

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