London's greatest Bronze Age treasure discovered

London's greatest Bronze Age treasure discovered

In Havering the London's greatest Bronze Age treasure, and the third of its kind in the UK, and will be on display in a major exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands from April 2020.

During a planned archaeological investigation a total of 453 bronze objects dating from the 900 and 1800 BC, which include weapons, tools such as ax heads, spearheads, sword shards, daggers and knives along with others objects rarely found in the UK.

Almost all weapons appear to be partially broken or damaged, raising many questions for archaeologists about the which is why these objects were carefully buried and grouped.

The deliberate placement of these items suggests that in this area a metalworker, and the deposit of large-scale bronze objects could represent a accumulation of vault-like material.

All the objects in this treasure and an in-depth look at these questions will be raised for the first time next year at the museum, where the Historic England institution will reveal more information about this great find, once the conservation and work is complete. analysis.

Duncan Wilson, CEO of Historic England stated that: “This extraordinary discovery provides much information about our understanding of life in the Bronze Age«.

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