Three skeletons found under a metro station in Rome

Three skeletons found under a metro station in Rome

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Three skeletons believed to date back to the time of the Roman Empire, have been discovered by workers in a Rome city center metro station, Italy.

The first remains found, belonging to a man and practically intact, they were called "Pyramid Mummy”By the local media, because They were found precisely under the Pyramid metro line B, and were unearthed on September 20 of this year.

The other two skeletons, belonging to a mother and her child, were found in the area on September 30 this year.

Following the find, authorities cordoned off the area so archaeologists could carefully uncover the remains, which date back to the time of the Roman Empire, as explained by a spokesman for the Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome.

The burial may have formed part of the Via Ostiense necropolis, one of the best preserved ancient cemeteries in Rome.

Although work is still being done on them and it has not been possible to date or determine the ages, yes it is assumed that the skeletons of the woman and the child would be mother and son, the latter being between the woman's legs.

They were also found metal nails surrounding the bodies, which suggests that they would have been buried in wooden coffins that eroded over time.

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